Web3 Enable

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Live demos require a web3 client. We recommend installing Metamask. Live demos require an unlocked web3 client. Please unlock your client.

<or-web3 manualEnable>
  <div slot="locked">
  This will display once web3 is enabled.


yarn add @openrelay/web3-account-element


EIP-1102 introduced privacy mode to web3 clients. By default, the <or-web3> element will automatically attempt to automatically connect to web3. Some dApps, however, may wish to connect to web3 only after a user interaction.

The <or-web3-enable> tag shows the user a “Connect Web3” button, which will initiate this process manually.

To use the <or-web3-enable> tag, add the manualEnable attribute to the <or-web3> element, and add the <or-web3-enable> element to the locked slot, as shown above. This will show a “connect” button if the user has not yet approved your dApp to connect to web3, or if the user’s web3 client is locked.

The <or-web3-enable> tag attempts to detect whether the user has already approved your dApp to connect to web3, and will automatically establish the connection in such cases.