SRA Terms of Use

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Live demos require a web3 client. We recommend installing Metamask. Live demos require an unlocked web3 client. Please unlock your client.

<or-sra sra="#SRA_ENDPOINT#" feeRecipient="#FEE_RECIPIENT_ADDRESS#">
    You have accepted the terms of use!


yarn add @openrelay/sra-terms-of-use


OpenRelay now requires users who wish to submit orders to sign our terms of use in much the same way they would sign a 0x order. Users will not be able to submit orders to OpenRelay unless we have a signature on file corresponding to the maker’s address.

The <or-sra-terms-of-use> tag makes it easy for users to read and sign the terms of use. For any content of your dApp that you do not wish users to access until they have signed the terms of use, simply wrap the content in an <or-sra-terms-of-use> tag. Users who have accepted the terms of use will see the content in the tag. Users who have not yet accepted the terms of use will see the terms of use and an option to sign.