SRA Order Fill

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Live demos require a web3 client. We recommend installing Metamask. Live demos require an unlocked web3 client. Please unlock your client.

<or-sra sra="#SRA_ENDPOINT#" feeRecipient="#FEE_RECIPIENT_ADDRESS#">
    <or-sra-order-fill orderHash="#ORDER_HASH#"></or-sra-order-fill>


yarn add @openrelay/sra-order-fill


The <or-sra-order-fill> widget allows users to fill a specific 0x order. The order hash is provided to the widget, and the user is given information about the order and the inputs necessary to fill the order.

Under the hood, the <or-sra-order-fill> widget is a light wrapper around the <or-sra-signed-order> widget, which populates it after retrieving the order from the relayer based on the hash, then provides inputs for filling the order.


HTML Attributes
  • orderHash — The 0x order to be filled. The full order must be available from the relayer set in the <or-sra>
Outgoing Events
  • web3-transaction — Fired when the element submits a transaction to the blockhain.
  • web3-tx-confirm — Fired when a transaction submitted by this element is confirmed by the blockchain.