As you’re exploring OpenRelay’s widgets, you may see things that could be improved. OpenRelay is an open source project, and we have a program to reward contributors with a stake in the success of OpenRelay.

There are several ways you can contribute to OpenRelay’s widgets:

  • Create new widgets: We have a wishlist of widgets we’d like to have, but we’d welcome pull requests for widgets that you’ve dreamed up as well.
  • Style the widgets: While we’re proud of the functionality behind our widgets, we know they’re not pretty. We’d welcome some help in making them more presentable.
  • Translate the widgets: We have a proof-of-concept for a translation layer on our widgets, to help with localization. We would welcome help adding localization to additional widgets, and with translating each widget to new languages.
  • Document the widgets: You’ve already found our documentation site, but we’re sure there’s room for improvement. If you see something that could be cleaned up, by all means make a pull request. We’d also welcome contributions in the form of tutorials for how to build bigger things out of our widgets, and perhaps how to integrate our widgets into various development frameworks.
  • Be creative: If you see something you think would help, let us know. Pull requests are most helpful, but just reporting issues or feature requests helps us set our direction.


For people who make contributions to OpenRelay, we offer Friends of OpenRelay Tokens (FORT) as a reward. We have a Screen Side Chat explaining FORT tokens, but the gist is that when orders are filled through OpenRelay’s open source web applications, the FORT asset pool acts as the affiliate for those transaction and receives 80% of the fees. FORT token holders are entitled to a share of the asset pool based on the percentage of the FORT tokens they hold.

If you help us build our widgets, we’ll reward you with FORT tokens for your contribution. As more people start to use OpenRelay, they pay fees into the FORT asset pool, and you can redeem your token for your share of those fees.